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The Property Inspection Process

Most appraisal reports require an interior and exterior inspection of the property. The site inspection on a typical home takes less than 30 minutes and is when the appraiser gathers details on the property not readily available from other data sources.

The exterior of the house is measured for a sketch of the property that will appear in the appraisal. The overall condition and features of the home’s exterior are inspected and recorded. Details about the lot, site features, improvements and exterior amenities are noted, and finally digital photographs are taken of the property.

The interior inspection helps the appraiser ascertain the true condition and status of the property. The basement is inspected, including the mechanicals and any below grade finish. The location and number of bedrooms, bathrooms and other above grade finished areas are reviewed by the appraiser and added to the sketch.

There are some things a homeowner can do to prepare for an appraisal site inspection. To facilitate the process, it can be handy to have some of these items ready for the appraiser, or to have firsthand knowledge of the property itself.

  • List of home improvements that have been completed
  • A copy of the property listing and listing agreement if property for sale
  • Information on Homeowners Associations/Condominium docs and fees
  • Copies of real estate easements and property agreements
  • House blueprints and a copy of a lot survey
  • Collected rents and utility information on rental units